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HomeLines of the Past

Fall 2017
Brother Lamont Harris
Brother Kenneth Howard
Brother Douglas Mitchell
Brother Michael Gordon
Brother David Jefferson
Brother Edward Drew
Brother Aaron Allen

Spring 2013
Brother Terrance Oniyuke
Brother Marcell Pickens
Brother Charles Smith
Brother Fred Harris
Brother Rodney Caldwell


Spring 2011
Brother Richard Wyatt
Brother Ali Salaam
Brother Ellis Daniels

Spring 2008

Brother Keith Fields
Brother Allen Key




Spring 2001
"It Takes Two"
Brother Joseph T. Jordan
Brother Terrance M. Phillips



Spring 1999
Brother Jeff Blanchard
Brother Matthew Brookens
Brother Brian White
Brother Terry Woolard
Brother Mike Gilliam
Brother Donald Davis
Brother Jeff Hill



Spring 1994
Brother Joseph M. Ruffin
Brother Mark Myers
Brother Steven Burris 

Spring 1985
Brother Trevor Hamilton
Brother Lonzy McCarey





Spring 1964
Brother Andrew Bryant
Brother Lindbergh Foy
Brother Charles Green
Brother Robert Hoffman
Brother Curtis Jackson
Brother Charles Wilkins

Fall 1959
Charles F. Booker


Spring 1957

"The Chosen One"
James S. Avery, Sr.